EZ Golf League puts the golfing back in golf leagues


Automated League Management

A lot of league managers have to maintain a combination of tournament software, excel spreadsheets, and sign up mechanisms to facilitate getting all of the golfers together for one tournament. This app does all of that in one central place.

Tournament Sign Ups For Golfers

An online automated way to sign up ahead of time for golf tournaments that you want to play and gives everyone visibility into who will be playing the tournament.

Pay League & Tournament Fees

A lot of golf leagues require you to pay by check on the day of the tournament and also require a check to join the league. With this app you can setup credit card payments online and track who has paid and who hasn’t.

Live Leaderboard & Scorecard

A lot of golf leagues have to calculate scores before sending out the results via email. With you can manage scores in real time and see results in real time. You can even see who the leaders of the tournament are while you are playing the tournament.

Automated League Points Calculations For League Championship

A lot of leagues maintain a point system to see who the league champion is at the end of the year. This is typically done through spreadsheets and manual calculation. With the points and calculations will all be done automatically and every golfer will be able to see where they stand in the yearly points standings after each tournament is completed.

League Dashboards

League dashboards give you a glance into how you are doing in the league compared to the other golfers. They also allow you to access the results of tournaments already played and give you the opportunity to sign up for upcoming tournaments.

Additional Features

League Dashboards

Automatically Calculates Course Handicaps

Support For Multiple Flights And Payouts By Flight

Digital Scorecards

Support For Contests And Custom Payouts

Supports Multiple Game Types

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